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How To Fix Windows XP Screen Turns Black After Logo Problem

In the past few days, some users have reported that the windows XP screen turns black after the logo appears.

Disconnect almost all external devices connected to one computer and see if that helps. Also make sure there is no disc in the CD/DVD-ROM path. Method 2: From the Sneaker’s advanced menu options, select “Enable Low Screen Resolution Video Mode” and check the status.

Manually Start Explorer.exe

Sometimes your computer will turn on, start up, but explorer.exe won’t start and all you get is a black screen and a mouse cursor, but you really can’t do anything with a computer. At this point, you need to start explorer.exe manually. Screen

How to fix Windows XP screen goes black?

FIX: Windows XP screen goes black 1 Method 5: Perform a power reset (laptop only) 2 . 5 Method 2: Run the specified explorer.exe 3 Method 3: Boot in stable mode and check the video card driver bitrate

Computer Goes Black In Windows XP

Hi, normalBut I repair all the computers in the house, and one of the employees has a problem that I have not experienced. t figured out what to do. First, as soon as I turn it on, Windows XP boots and eventually the computer goes black. I tried entering safe mode, luckily that didn’t work. I never know what to do I watched everything silently and nothing.

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windows xp screen goes black after logo

Error: Display Black At Startup

Sometimes the screen may appear black on shoes or boots when trying to enter Microsoft-specific reboot x86-based computers, such like Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1,10. Typically, the device stops responding with a blank gray screen immediately after completing its own Power On Test (POST), and in the past, the Windows logo has typically appeared on the screen. Here you have and read more Power-on to try it yourself (POST).


When I try to start my computer, it boots normally, I see Dell, a white bar, in this case a Windows XP screen. After a few seconds, the screen rotates All and only my white mouse pointer moves with the mouse. I tried repairing my boot cd above and it says everything is fine, but I still get a black screen with a white mouse cursor. I’ve searched everywhere and I don’t have anyone who can answer this question. Any help is appreciated.

windows xp screen goes black after logo

It’s Almost Any Windows Corruption!!!

through Techravitya BUT· about 10 years ago, 7 years ago little months

How do I fix a black screen on Windows XP?

Windows XP is quite an old operating system at the moment. However, there are still a fair number of users who are still using IT, and some of them have indeed encountered a strange problem. Namely, as soon as you turn on the computer, it returns to the Windows XP start screen and the screen becomes chocolate-colored, rendering your computer unusable.

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What happens after the Windows logo comes on the screen?

A blank screen after the Windows organization logo screen. K starts up, the Windows logo appears, then the screen goes blank instead of showing the desktop and all icons.

Why does my screen go black when playing videos?

I think this issue is related to the refresh rate of your video/monitor. Depending on the age/quality of the respective monitor, you can operate at 60Hz and 75Hz. I would like anyone who finds themselves in this situation to boot into safe mode and go to display settings and then define advanced settings. Then set the refresh rate to 60Hz. This should solve your issue.

What to do if Windows XP won’t turn on?

Before starting Windows XP, continuously press F8 or Shift, and you will be taken to a menu with certain boot options. Select safe mode. See if this solves the problem and continue with the next step. Press the current Windows key on your keyboard and open the Control Panel from the Try Now menu.